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On Opening This Site

On opening this site it dawned on us that perhaps not everyone knew what DP was, and thus they would absolutely need a definition in order to accept what we had to say about this site. OK, fine. DP is short for Double Penetration, thus it means is that a female is being doubly penetrated by two cocks, one in her pussy and another in her asshole. The pictures show us an array of beautiful girls undergoing that very same type of penetration, and apparently loving it judging by the looks on their faces! Apparently the director of these videos agrees with us on one thing and that is that it makes such a nice picture to photograph one white cock and one black cock inside one white lady. That seems to be very prevalent here. There was actually quite a preponderance of those, and yes visually they do make quite an impression. There are a few gentlemen who do not wish to take part in DP penetrations and their reasoning is that they simply do not know the other male that well. They contend that since one can feel the other male betwixt that one slim portion of flesh that separates one man from another, then it seems that they all wanted to feel DP, thus making them all DP Fanatics, whereas those who were afraid did not partake in it.