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Comic porn is not very common, at least not yet. Yes, it exists but very few people know about its existence. There are many people who will prefer to read stories and get excited about them instead of watching two people pretend to fuck while all the while making fake noises in the name of cumming. For those who prefer erotic stories, a bit of visual art adds to the fun. If you can read stories and get aroused, why not make use of visuals that will help heighten your visualization. The problem with this is that finding a good site does not come easy. While the few available comic porn website may all claim to be the best, some just have very poor visuals but not Enchantae. Enchantae is the land in the middle of nowhere up there floating in the sky. It is surrounded by the void on one side and other lonely islands on the other side. Nobody knows what is there but they do know it exists. Then the High priestess of Anoa comes into some information about the world coming to an end and decides to go on an expedition with her aid Peka on her heels. That is her you are introduced to the land of sex with a phallus as their symbol. In this land, there is nothing wrong in making love in public. This is an interesting story that will leave no one indifferent but first you have register to become a member.