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Do you often get an erection at the sight of random strangers stripping naked in shower or locker rooms? It may sound a tad bit creepy, but do you know there’s a site that caters to this kinky preference of yours? What’s more, it’s run by a chick named Laura! I’m talking about ShowerSpyCameras, a premium porn site that offers shower camera flicks where all sorts of women are filmed buck-naked while changing or taking a shower in public places. Best of all, these girls have no idea they’re being filmed! That’s right, our resident pervy spy, Laura, made it her mission to share her “masterpieces” to her loyal followers through ShowerSpyCameras. Thank you, Laura! I have no idea how Laura pulled such a feat but this chick sure knows how to hide these cameras without getting caught! Most of the scenes seem to be shot somewhere in Europe. Some of the scenes appear to have been taken by a camera that’s hidden in inconspicuous places, while other flicks look to be shot using a handheld where you can see it shaking and moving around. There’s nothing much beyond recordings taken in public showers and locker rooms, but occasionally, some scenes are taken from swimming pools and beaches. ShowerSpyCameras is a safe haven for voyeur fans who love to jack off at the sight of unsuspecting women stripping naked in front of hidden cameras. It’s a video-only porn hub with plenty of HD offerings so you’ll never have to miss a single juicy detail. Laura doesn’t seem to have plans to offer bonus content any time soon but the fact that the site gets updated with new content almost every day is more than enough to make your cock happy!