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Most of the times, nudity turns on men, and they get turned on much easier if the nude person is a fresh cutie, who likes her body, and she is also eager to show it to him. So, the creators of the TrueAmateurModels started on this line, and they still follow the recipe: the guy, called Ray talks to strangers, naturally girls only, and at the time they realize what’s going on, they are saying yes to the question concerning some nude modeling. Heaven knows what this guy do to have these girls to be so willing, but it’s probably has to do something with the average look of him, and possibly money has some role in it too. The site is rather old, and though it started as a photography site, it also offers scenes of these hot girls posing naked, giving handjobs and blowjobs, masturbating and even they get recorded as Ray fucks them. The TrueAmateurModels is ten years old now, and since the content is dated, you can see that the first photos were shot during (or before) 2004, while the movies started to be regular two years later, sometime around in 2006. You may have not heard of this site before, and that’s because it’s not part of any large network, and it’s not a hyped but worthless site. The honesty of the photos, the amateur sex in the scenes is exciting and truly arousing. It doesn’t matter what kind of girls you like, you will probably find her in there, so be sure to check the models’ index once you enter the site. There might be some kind of secret that makes the site successful, but the main reasons are possibly these facts: the photos are shot in good quality; the girls are gorgeous naturals and they are really varied; the videos are also captured in a professional manner, and they offer truly exciting things.