Mindi Mink

Mindi Mink porn model
NameMindi Mink
Birth DateDecember 4, 1968
Birth LocationCalifornia, USA
Number Of Movies50+

The early life

One of the most widely-recognized MILF pornstars is Mindi Mink. Mindi Mink was born in California on the 4th of December 1968 but was brought up in Arizona. She was a very beautiful and pretty girl and spent her time dancing and cheering her favorite teams. Though she loved being alone, she had a boyfriend she dated for a long time. After having sex for the first time at a sensitive age, she focused on her dancing and cheer leader lessons. When she grew up and was mature enough, Mindi experienced her first lesbian sex, having sex with a chick of her own age. She had a steady 4-year lesbian relationship till she got married. After her marriage ended, she had sexual relations with multiple guys 

Prior to joining the porn industry, Mindi worked in the construction industry, as well as in the sales and marketing functions. Her current boyfriend was married and watched a lot of porn, and that’s how the two got to know each other. She was camming and her boyfriend encouraged her to join the porn world. Even during her camming days, she was very clear about offering only lesbian and solo shows, and none with any stud. 

Her Career in the porn industry

Mindi started her porn career at an age when many pornstars consider retirement or are retired. Having had a steady sexual relationship with her boyfriend, Mindi was very clear from the very beginning that she would star only in lesbian porn movies. And, today, Mindi is counted among the most famous pornstars in the lesbian genre. Her move to the lesbian genre is not only because of her steady relationship with her boyfriend but also because she was interested in having sex with other women. 

Her first lesbian sex scene was for Girlfriends Films and featured Carter Cruise. What Mindi likes about Girlfriends Films is that the porn studio is thoroughly professional and loves to treat women with utmost care and sensitivity. The team at Girlfriends Films knows what makes women go weak in their knees and allow them to do what works best in front of the camera. Thus, the scenes featuring Mindi are completely natural and none of them is scripted. 

Mindi gets wet when someone kisses her passionately, whether it is her boyfriend or any sexy chick on camera. Till date, Mindi has performed in over 50 movies with sexy chicks like Tara Morgan, Christie Miller and Samantha Hayes. 

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