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The videos on TrickYourGF tell the story of a couple that’s going to break up very soon, since the girl seems to be an unfaithful cunt. Naturally, as you would expect, her boy comes to know about it, and he decides to end their relationship. In real life, the whole thing would end with some yelling and crying and maybe a farewell fuck, but in the head of those who run TrickYourGF there is a twist in the story. In the scenes the guys are not rampaging around or break down, instead they set up a trap for that disgraceful girl: the guy offers her some blindfolded tied-up sex, and he lets another guy bang her. It’s up to you if it’s really a good way to have revenge or not. The TrickYourGF is not an amateur site, thought the makers of the scenes were trying very hard to make you believe that it’s all real. The girls however are all gorgeous, they look to good to be just girls from the street, and they do it too well to be amateurs. Another important aspect is that these are not hidden camera shots. Anyway, the videos are great and while the sex is very good to watch, the whole setup and the story gives an uneasy yet exciting feeling crawling up on a man’s spine. This site is a member of the DirtyFlix network, which is a very new site-family, for example, the TrickYourGF was launched in 2014. If you buy a pass to this particular porn site, you receive a pass to all other sites in the network, offering you 8 more sites to browse. The DirtyFlix seems to be a network offering you reality and urban porn movies with stunning European girls, and though there is a hard competition in this field, this network and this site are on the good track to be able to keep up, and get higher.